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Pastor Ray Black

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Pastor Ray:
I truly believe that “all things work together for the good who love Him and are called to His purpose and will.” My experiences have cultivated a passion to teach men of all ages the tools He has engrafted on my heart. Thus, the men’s ministry was birthed from my personal journey of “Living the Word.” Men of Valor and Excellence (M.O.V.E.) is calling for men to arise and take back their homes, communities and tear down the world’s statistics, by creating our own. Godly men should be on the MOVE! Here at LTW, I will challenge you to be a man of valor and excellence through teachings, practical applications, monthly fellowships, retreats, conferences and more. Come and be a part and see for yourself the pleasure of positive male fellowship and accountability. In this environment you are never judged for your past or present struggles. Help us help you to M.O.V.E. into your place of authority and inheritance!

Pastor Cee:
If I were to relate my personal testimony of transformation and wholeness, it would look much like the butterfly. I, like the butterfly went through stages of obscurity, where my purpose was concealed in order to prepare for the glorious image that awaited. It’s during those seasons I felt the loneliest and most insignificant. However, through endurance and trust in the process, the Creator designed for me something spectacular. Something occurred that makes you want to say, “WOW!” The glory of God began to shine and it all became clear as I soared in my customized purpose and wholeness. W.O.W. was birthed. W.O.W. is more than just a women’s ministry, it’s a purpose driven sisterhood. We are sisters of all races, culture, and religious backgrounds who seek to find our common connection – the need for love, acceptance and accountability. If you have been saying within your heart there has to be more and or experiencing a stronger desire to fulfill God’s purpose for your life; than W.O.W. is for you! Wait no further, come and see how you can live a life of victory and wholeness!

LTW is a Multicultural Ministry centered on Christ. Every member is discipled through Kingdom principles and empowered to restore others in their neighborhood, community and nation.

At Living The Word we believe in vocalizing our thanksgiving to God through Praise, and making visible our expressions of Worship. If you would like to experience uninhibited Worship, feel free to join us for any of our Sunday services at 10:15am.

Pastor Raymond Black III is a teacher, preacher and counselor who breaks down the Word through analogies, audience participation and visual aides. Whether you do not know Christ as your personal Savior, are new to the Word of God, or have been saved for many years this Word is for you. EXPERIENCE BIBLE STUDY Sunday morning is not the only time for corporate prayer, worship and the Word. Bible study is just an extension of Sunday service. Wednesday nights at 7pm is your chance to ask questions and gain a deeper insight into the Word shared on Sunday. EXPERIENCE COMMUNION As Jesus communed with His disciples over 2000 years ago, here at Living The Word we connect as a family during our communion service held every 1st Sunday of the month at 4:30pm. What to know more?

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